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US Debt Clock

America’s liability charts look like the immigration charts, lots of red ink. The US government cannot pay for what it has already promised to current citizens, which is why you are hearing so much about raising the retirement age, etc. Don’t believe me, look at the Debt Clock. Look at the bottom at the total UNFUNDED liability number! Spend a few minutes looking at the numbers on this site; they are eye-opening.

Say Good Bye To Summer Folks

Hard to believe that Labor Day is coming up and summer will be over. I hope we don’t go directly into winter and that we get a chance to enjoy a nice autumn season this year. Next thing you know the holidays will be upon us, once again, I’m so not ready for all of that. What I am ready for is a round or two of golf at one of the better Myrtle Beach golf courses that I’m hearing so much about.

It seems that Myrtle Beach golf packages are selling like hot cakes this year. People are flocking to Myrtle Beach for fun in the sun and the ocean. I’ve always enjoyed spending time at Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach is my favorite area of all.

Did you know that you can go online and book your tee times and your accommodations as well? A one stop shop kind of place, well worth checking out. We still have a little bit of decent weather left in us, at least I sure hope so!

LED Lighting For Vehicles

LED Lighting is a terrific augmentation for anyone who would like their vehicle to stand out. Car manufacturers began using LED lighting to showcase their concept cars a little over five years ago. Now, LED lights are prevalent throughout the industry. While many car owners like them for their aesthetics, they are completely functional too. They are fast becoming the No. 1 most popular technology for new automobile customers, according to a recent J. D. Power and Associates report. Seventy percent of the people that responded to the questionnaire stated that they would be willing to pay for LED lights.

LED lighting is used in brake lights, turn signals and headlights for a start. Not only do LED headlights look great, they last much longer than traditional headlights. Many replace their existing bulbs with LED bulbs for that reason. In addition, they use up to 80 percent less power than xenon and halogen headlights, prompting car manufacturers to start using them to streamline their designs and to add efficiency to their line.

The 3157 series led bulb gives cars a customized look, and this particular series has a number of applications. They can be used for standard sedans and luxury cars, sports cars and souped-up cars. For instance, a 3157 led bulb can be used as a replacement for turn signal lights. One pack of dual-color bulbs will brighten the parking/ driving light with a crisp, clean white and alternate with bright amber signal lights to complete the package. The array of LED lighting choices and replacement bulbs can be found online at various retail outlets. Even though they may be a bit longer than other replacement bulbs, they should still fit most makes and models; however, a load resister may need to be installed as well.

LED lighting can have an appealing effect on many types of vehicles, and some manufacturers are beginning to think of it as an option package, if not a standard one. They last longer, which makes them great for efficiency, and the replacement bulbs appear to be an almost universal fit. In addition, they are available as an aftermarket package at an affordable price.

Now you see it, now you don’t!

My wife has been telling me that one of the brake lights on our car is out, and asks me to fix it. So I go out to check it, and it seems to work fine! So I tell her that I fixed it. Then a few days later she tells me it is out again. Apparently someone she works with has been telling her that. So I go out to the car again and check it, and it works fine. Well, wouldn’t you know it, this morning I saw her driving the car down the driveway on her way shopping, and I saw that the brake light is not working. Very aggravating! So I guess it’s a short in the electrical system, which is going to be a pain in the neck to try to troubleshoot!

How to Become a PowerPoint Expert

PowerPoint is one of the most popular tools for designing slideshows, and a slideshow is perhaps the most effective way to present a large amount of related information to an audience. PowerPoint specialists are revered within the corporate world because of their ability to make boring yet necessary meetings seem just a bit less tedious.

Because of this, many people dream of becoming PowerPoint experts themselves. Most think it’s impossible because they don’t have the time. However, becoming skilled in PowerPoint isn’t rocket science; it’s a relatively easy thing to do. Here’s how to get started.

1. Learn the layout shortcuts.

Knowing how to design a PowerPoint quickly and easily is one of the keys to becoming an expert. If you find yourself using a specific layout often, make it a shortcut and save time on designing layouts.

2. Layout the graphs correctly.

Nothing is less appealing than a poorly created graph or chart on a slideshow. Take the time to learn how to lay it out correctly and you’ll find your perceived skill with PowerPoint going through the roof.

3. Spell check.

There is no way to look unprofessional faster than to use incorrect grammar and poor spelling on a presentation. Take the time to ensure your spelling and grammar is correct on each and every slide before presenting it, lest you make yourself look silly at the board meeting. Even five minutes of proofreading goes a long way.

4. Make your slide use the resolution of the monitor.

Whether you are presenting on a small monitor or a large projector, make sure the PowerPoint matches the resolution of the display. This will prevent the image from becoming distorted and losing quality during resizing, which will not only make your presentation look better, but make the information within it easier to understand.

5. Know how to time information.

It’s hard to follow a slideshow that moves too quickly. Set up the timer to move the slides on a proper interval, or control them yourself – however, you should know the proper timing to move from one slide to another.

Following these five tips will help you become an expert in PowerPoint in no time. However, you can also refer to professional services to help you design slides that knock the socks off of every other presenter. This is always a valid alternative if you’re short of time.