You’ve got to be kidding me!

My friend Frank’s mother is in a nursing home. One of the “better” nursing homes in the area. Today he was complaining to me about how he went to visit her yesterday and found her lying in bed in a pool of blood. She had a wound that had been bandaged, but the blood has soaked through and soaked her, and the sheets. When he asked the staff to change the bandage and the sheets, he met with so much resistance that he ended up changing it himself!

And then today he went to see her and saw that someone had delivered “Easter baskets” to all of the patients in the home, and in the Easter baskets were bottles of outdated diet Coke. He brought one of the bottles to me to see – the “use by date” was December 15, 2013! Although outdated soda is generally safe to drink, it tastes nasty – the carbonation is all but gone. I can’t even imagine someone giving out expired sodas to folks in a nursing home! What’s up with that?

Two Things To Look For In A Pump Company

Whether you find yourself in need of chemical process pumps, saltwater disposal stations, or some other product, finding the right pump company from which to make the purchase is important. Once you start your search process, be sure that you’re looking for the following attributes in the pump company:

1. Experience In The Pump Industry.

One of the first things you should look for in a pump company is industry experience. The pump companies that have been serving their local communities for twenty years or longer have typically remained on the block because of a deep commitment to offering excellent services and products at reasonable prices. In recognizing this reality, be sure that you’re looking for a company that has been in operation for quite some time. One company you’ll want to consider is Master Pumps And Power. This company has been in operation ever since 1968 and is known for offering clients stellar services.

2. Awesome Prices.

The second attribute you should look for in a pump company is awesome prices. You don’t want to pay a dime more than you have to for your products. With this idea in mind, make sure that you’re going on several pump websites and seeing what they charge for the specific item you want. You can then determine which pump company offers the rate most comparable to your budget.


If you’re ready to find the ideal pump, it’s important to note that locating the right company is important. To ensure that you can, make sure that you’re looking for the aforementioned attributes in the pump company. Good luck!

Daylight savings time

Guest post by Jason Ouellette

Well, daylight savings time started last Sunday, and it has been a really rough week getting adjusted to it! My body does NOT adapt well to changes like that. I wish they would just pick a time and stick to it! It is supposed to snow all day today, so I guess we will lay low and not go out today. Why bother to go out in it if we don’t have to? Although, if we DO have to go out in it, we’ll be fine, since we have AWD and 4 studded snow tires. I think that must have been one of the smartest purchases we’ve ever made!

Thinking about buying a new truck

The last couple of weeks I’ve been looking for a new truck! Chevrolet, of course! I’ve become quite accustomed to extenda-cabs short beds. A couple of years ago, you couldn’t have given me one! But after riding in my friend’s truck several times I found it quite comfortable. I’m quite partial to the color green, or dark blue. My friend’s is gloss black and he has a diesel in his. But I’m not sure I want a diesel, with the way the price of fuel continues to go up! At one time, diesel used to be half the price of gasoline, now it’s about 60 cents more! So I’m sure I’ll stay with a small V-8 gas engine, but it will be loaded with a new 5 speed automatic in it.

Getting buried in the stuff

Guest post by Scott Alexander

Now this is just crazy! We just got another 6″ of snow! The snow slid off the roof and it buried the front windows! I was very glad that I put a metal roof on the house this year! But now I’m beginning to wonder – I had to go out and literally shovel the snow away from the windows as it had pushed through the screen and was pushing against the inside window! It took about an hour, I will solve this problem shortly!