What to Look for in an Adoption Agency

The process to adopt a child can be long, arduous and often painful. Finding the best local adoption agency may seem like a very daunting and difficult task but it does not need to be.

First of all, do your homework. Ask around to other adoptive parents and see what their experiences were. Often, agencies will have informational meetings for prospective adoptive parents, attend one. Attend more than one. Ask as many questions as you want. Remember to ask about financing, where the children come from. Are most from the United States or overseas? Neither is a better answer but you need to know and they need to be able to give you a credible answer.

Do not let your desire to adopt a child make you pick the first agency you see. Sure, you are a prospective parent (or maybe you are adding to an established family) but you are also a consumer. You have to approach this process with that mindset. You are adopting a child, not a kitten at the local animal shelter.

Research their qualifications and make sure they have any and all certifications and permits. You can do this with local and federal agencies and departments. Again, you want to make sure they are reputable and will not put you and your family through a lot of hope and disappointment.

Looking to buy a laser printer

Picked up a little laser printer about a year ago and since it’s doing such a good job I thought I should try to get a second one. I’ve been searching on Ebay today but haven’t found the same one yet.

The recycled cartridges don’t print as dark a black, but that doesn’t matter for the reports and letters that I crank out. I’ve been using 2 recycled cartridges every month for a year and have not had any issues at all – knock on wood. And I’ve saved about $30 per month!

Went to a trade show

When I got to the trade show, I was taking a break from our booth and walking around the show, taking in all of the other trade show booth displays. It was very interesting, seeing the great variety of displays. Some were obviously homemade, and very “shoestring budget” – very crude and unimpressive. There were some, however that I liked a lot.  I was talking to the vendors and asked them where they got their displays. 

What’s the Best Length of Time for a Textile Event?

Any designer, manufacturer or seller of textiles knows that the best way to get new clients is to put on events. Decorate showrooms with your latest designs and stage model homes so buyers have an easier time picturing what your textiles can do. If possible, time your event with something larger going on, like NY’s Market Week, for maximum exposure. If you’re the one planning the event, though, you have to wonder, how long should it be?

It’s All in the Venue

Rent a showroom at 295 Fifth Avenue in NYC any time throughout the year. The rental prices are reasonable enough that you can easily afford to book the venue for several days or even a week or two. The staff specializes in home and textile events, so they know how to make your work really stand out, and they’re used to fielding questions from buyers and manufacturers in the industry. Book the right venue, and your show will be a success regardless of duration.

The most successful textile events allow time for word-of-mouth to build, but they don’t linger around for months, either. Make your event last a week or two or even a month to capitalize on the interest in your textiles while still making them seem like limited-time, new must-see designs.


Happy Birthday to Two Dear Friends and a Family Member

There must be something very special about the date, October 4th. It is the birthday of three special people in my life – and none of them know each other!

My sister’s son was born on October 4th. I know they were hoping for a girl and had picked out a girl’s name. Back then, the gender of the baby was always a surprise at birth. None of this fancy MRI and Ultrasound stuff was available. So when they saw it was a boy, they argued for 3 days about what name to give him. They didn’t decide until the hospital was ready to discharge her and they said she could not take the baby home without a name for the birth certificate. They decided on Patrick, for no reason other than my sister liked the sound of the name and that it has Irish connotations.

The other two birthdays are a friend I met through Yahoo, back in the days when Yahoo had free games on their site, and a friend of a friend on Facebook.

Yahoo games allowed players to chat with each other either in the lobby or at the game table. I played with Christina or against her a lot and through those chats we became good friends. Eventually, she had a reason to come to the city where I was living at the time and we went out to dinner and then a rock concert. It wasn’t a date so much as just a chance to get together and see each other face to face instead of just an avatar on Yahoo.

A friend from a former employment gig found me on Facebook several years ago, and a friend of his who made a lot of comments on our posts ending up befriending me, as well. Charles is an attorney in upstate New York, but he is not your typical stuffed white shirt. He does all kinds of law, but focuses on criminal defense of the people in his small town. He and Dave have quite a history of rock and roll adventures. It is always a hoot to read their shared memories of their adventures.

So, Happy Birthday to Patrick, Christina and Charles!