Bits and Pieces

DIY (free clip art)

DIY (free clip art)

Teri and I have always enjoyed watching the HGTV and DIY television network shows. Our favorites usually involve a situation where an experienced interior designer takes on a project where they are going to remodel and update part of a home.

Some of our favorite shows from recent past years include “Design on a Dime” and “Decorating Cents” because the designers are always sticking to a very limited budget. We can relate to having a limited budget! We would love to have the money to spend tens of thousands of dollars redecorating and remodeling, but the reality is that we are trying to stretch every dollar and pinch every penny just as much as most everyone else in the country is doing!

We’ve entered all kinds of contests we’ve seen online, on TV shows, and in magazines where the big winner gets a remodel of part of their home done as the grand prize. So far, we’ve won absolutely no prizes! So, we are doing the best we can with remodeling and redecorating ourselves a little bit here and there, when we have the money and the time. Sure wish we had the money to pay a pro to help us out!

We recently replaced the wall-to-wall carpeting in our living and dining room with wood laminate flooring. When we finished doing that we realized that the brand new floor made our walls look very dingy, so now we are looking at our options for updating the walls. We can’t quite decide whether to paint (which is what I’d rather do) or hang wall-paper (which is what Teri would prefer.) She has brought home several books of samples of wall paper with texture that she is really excited about. In the spirit of compromise, I suggested that we use the textured wall paper as one accent wall behind the TV in the living room, and I have the feeling that she will go along with that idea.

In addition to the walls in the living room, Teri and I have been talking about reorganizing and redesigning the closets in the foyer, the laundry room, and our bedrooms. We live in an area where there are four different seasons; we just do not have enough closet space to accommodate all of the clothes and coats for the changing of the seasons! We’d love to figure out a better way to maximize the space that we have to store our coats, clothes, boots, and shoes! Right now we have our hats and scarves in cardboard boxes on the top shelf of the foyer closet – there really must be a better way to store these in a way that keeps them clean, easy to see, and access! We will be researching the best ways to maximize those valuable storage spaces. There are so many different options and organizing gadgets and gizmos for closet storage that it is enough to make your head spin!

The envelopes all sealed together

crafts (free clip art)

crafts (free clip art)

Yesterday Teri went down into the basement to clear out a little bit of clutter and straighten and organize it. She wanted to start making sure that she had everything in its proper place before the holiday season sneaks up on us. She found several boxes of holiday cards that she brought upstairs to check out. She wanted to make sure that there weren’t any nasty surprises (like mouse nests!) inside the boxes.
scrapbooking (free clip art)

scrapbooking (free clip art)

Well, the cards seemed to be fine, but all of the envelopes had apparently sealed themselves shut. We don’t know if we can go down to the office supply store and buy the right size envelope to fit the cards, so now my wife is thinking about using those cards for scrapbooking, decoupage, or other crafts and buying some new cards. We hate the thought of throwing them away. Maybe we’ll donate them to an elementary school or daycare center for them to use for crafts if Teri doesn’t use them!

Enjoying Your Hobby without Breaking the Bank

You love collecting and creating RC vehicles, but you also have a lot of other expenses to worry about. You don’t have to give up your favorite hobby just because you’re living on a budget when you keep these helpful tips in mind.

Sell Used Vehicles
If your RC collection is growing quickly, you probably have some vehicles that are your favorites and others that you don’t really use. You can make the money you need to purchase new RC vehicles by selling your used models that are still in good condition.
You’ll likely get the most money for your vehicles by selling them to other hobbyists, so list them with your local RC vehicle group or in online hobby groups to find others who share your interests. If you’re selling to people who are outside of your local area, remember to factor in the cost of shipping into your prices.

Save Money on Parts
Tinkering with RC vehicles is one of the most enjoyable aspects of being a hobbyist, but the cost of parts and accessories can add up quickly. If you purchase parts from traditional dealers, you might have to purchase them in bulk. It doesn’t do you any good to purchase 20 sets of wheels when you only need one, so you can save big by locating a retailer who doesn’t require bulk purchases.
It’s also a great idea to compare prices among retailers before you make a big purchase. Thanks to the Internet, it’s easier than ever to find great deals on all your favorite RC vehicles without even having to leave your home.

Look for Quality
Although saving money on parts is important, you also want to be sure that you’re spending your hard-earned dollars on quality RC vehicles and parts. You might be able to save a few dollars by purchasing the cheapest parts for your vehicle, but you’ll save more in the long run by choosing quality Traxxas Stampede 4×4 parts. When you buy quality products and accessories, you can purchase items less often. Cheaper RC parts and vehicles often break quickly, so you’ll find yourself exceeding your budget because you need more replacement parts.

When you shop smart and make wise purchasing decisions, you can enjoy your RC vehicles hobby without putting any strain on your family’s budget. In fact, your hobby can become a fun pastime that your family members enjoy together.


reduce-reuse-recycle(free clip art)

reduce-reuse-recycle(free clip art)

One of the best tricks my wife ever showed me was using address labels (that we get in the mail for free from organizations that hope to get us to donate money to their cause) to identify our possessions. She uses them to label the books and magazines that we lend out. She uses them on luggage tags that she puts on backpacks and suitcases! She sticks them on lunch boxes, too. When our son went off to college she gave him a lot of envelopes with our address labels already stuck on them for him to use too! And whenever we go to a pot-luck supper she will put an address label on the bottom of the casserole dish (or crock pot) to make sure that we bring home the right dishes! What makes this even better is that it is preventing all of those junk-mail address labels from going into the landfills! Now THAT’s reduce, reuse, recycle at it’s best! I think that’s a really smart idea, don’t you?

Reaching Audiences with Visual Promotions

For those in business, they know and understand the high importance of making a first impression. They are keenly aware of the fact that they may never get another chance to leave potential customers with a lasting impression of how their business and its products or services may be of help some day. For those who are business savvy, they want to remain ready to act when business opportunities present themselves as well as create as many of those opportunities that they can on a daily basis.

That is where promotions come into play. Advertising is the method for attracting customers that usually comes to down to one shot at a mass audience via one medium, while promotions, on the other hand, offer multiple opportunities to reach a wide audience. Basically, advertising comes down to the amount of dollars available to spend for a print ad or radio spot. These usually come at a high cost and are for a short period to a particular demographic audience. In essence, most savvy business people will welcome the long range potential of promotions over the short term, high cost and limited reach of advertising.

Promotions are geared towards reaching many people over numerous views or encounters. Promotional graphics are definitely one way to reach a broad audience with a visual appeal. Companies such as Airmark produce visual promotions that span the full spectrum of promotions. These companies produce everything from vehicle graphics to window decals as well as printed labels and signs.