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Which one does he want?

Earlier this morning, as Terri was talking on the phone, I overheard her talking to Jim. She had the phone on speakerphone, so I wasn’t really eavesdropping – I was in the same room, for crying out loud! Jim was telling her that he was trying to raise enough money to buy an exceptional behringer in time for the summer gigs he has booked. He was asking Terri to lend him some money to help pay for it. She told him that she’d talk with me about it and get back to him. When they hung up the phone, I asked Terri which Behringer did he want to buy? Behringer makes so many different things, and for him to just say “exceptional” sounds a little strange to me. I want more details. Something just doesn’t quite sit right with me.

Half price shopping

Jeff was telling me that he found that he heard he can save on nady phantom power supply on their website today, so he went online and ordered one for 50% off! He was so happy that he got such a good deal on it that he was bragging to everyone that would listen to him about what a great bargain-hunter he is! Sometimes he can get pretty obnoxious about things like that, but I can’t blame a guy for being happy to save 50% on anything in this economy!

Love the drums

When I was watching the YouTube video about the Top Secret Drum Corps I found myself wondering if they were using dw snare drums in their performance. I love watching them perform, and I have to admit that I am always secretly a little envious of their skill and their fame. Wouldn’t I just love to be a member of a group like that! I think they are really lucky to have had the opportunity to be part of something so fantastic!

River house

I appreciate the guest post, Lindsay Valdez

My friend has satellite TV at her river house. It is really great for whenever we go down there with her and her family. They have had that house for a couple of summers now. I really love that they have it. They invited us the past few summers and we have gone for a week’s vacation each time. We just spend the day on the river, swimming or kayaking. It is a lot of fun for everyone. Then at the end of the day, we make a big dinner and either sit around and talk or watch some TV shows or movies. It is the perfect setup really. The TV is really best for when it rains I think. There have been a couple of days down there where it just poured all day long. Rainy days are not really good or safe days to be swimming around a river. They are definitely good days to sit around the living room and all enjoy a movie together. If we ever stop going with my friend’s family, I may ask my husband if we can invest in a river house of our own.

A whitewater rafting vacation

Teri just showed me a website about taking a vacation by going Lehigh River whitewater rafting with the Whitewater Challengers in Pennsylvania. She has always wanted to try whitewater rafting; and I agree that it sounds like it could be a lot of fun. We have friends who have gone on whitewater rafting trips and they come back with tales of adventure and fun that certainly make the whole idea enticing! The Lehigh River is in the beautiful Poconos Mountains, in Pennsylvania. I’ve only been to the Poconos a few times, and those few times were in the winter time, for skiing trips. The Poconos is a great vacation destination if you enjoy outdoor sports!

Anyway, Teri wants to book one of the whitewater trips. It looks like they have several different options; one includes an overnight camping adventure. I think that is what Teri wants to do, but I’m not sure that I want to go camping. I’ve never been much of one for sleeping in a tent – I love hotels! Their website has a link to what they call an Adventure Quotient Quiz to help you decide which rafting trip is best for you. I took the quiz and found that I would be best suited for their Lehigh River Easier Whitewater Trip.