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I was browsing the Internet, just looking around and stumbled on a website called stunning stuff dot com. It looks like it has not been updated in a couple of years, which is too bad because I really enjoyed reading it! It is full of strange, weird, funny news. The topics vary greatly, from love to animals to technology, to crime, to health. I’ve spent about the last hour just going from story to story, really enjoying the site!

Thick fog

Posted by Tone on March 20, 2014
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Boy the fog has been thick the past two days!  Welcome to spring! The first day of spring it’s been so foggy that it has been like driving through pea soup! Saw a lot of cars run off the road because they couldn’t see where they were going! Living here sure can be a challenge this time of year! The potholes and frost heaves are getting really bad, which makes it even more challenging in the fog because you can’t see them until you are right on top of them! I wish I was in Florida right about now!

Which one does he want?

Posted by Tone on March 14, 2014
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Earlier this morning, as Terri was talking on the phone, I overheard her talking to Jim. She had the phone on speakerphone, so I wasn’t really eavesdropping – I was in the same room, for crying out loud! Jim was telling her that he was trying to raise enough money to buy an exceptional behringer from guitar center in time for the spring gigs he has booked. He was asking Terri to lend him some money to help pay for it. She told him that she’d talk with me about it and get back to him. When they hung up the phone, I asked Terri which Behringer did he want to buy? Behringer makes so many different things, and for him to just say “exceptional” sounds a little strange to me. I want more details. Something just doesn’t quite sit right with me.

I remember the first time that I heard about the Mesothelioma Disease that we are now hearing so much about on the TV. A co worker of mine (at that time) was telling us how his uncle had just been diagnosed with Mesothelioma. He apparently contacted this type of cancer while serving in the Navy, while being in one of our many submarines. That has to really suck. It did open up a lot of discussion about what happens to our good citizens that put their lives on the line during their military time spent serving our country. It’s too bad that many of them come out of the service with many health issues to deal with for the rest of their lives.

There is a local Mesothelioma Attorney that is heavily advertising his law practice to people that have been affected by this type of cancer that could possibly use his services. I no longer am in contact with this particular co worker, but I’m hoping that they have contacted a good Mesothelioma Lawyer that will help them receive money that is rightfully due to him, because I’m pretty sure the VA will not be much help in that area. Our veterans deserve all that they are entitled to and so much more.

Are Sports Stars Paid Too Much?

Posted by Tone on March 2, 2014
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Who among us has not done a double-take after hearing about the latest record-breaking athlete salary? With football quarterbacks, baseball sluggers, and high-scoring basketball players pulling in millions of dollars each season, it can be hard for the average couch potato to understand how a person can become a millionaire by simply playing a game. Without a doubt, sports stars get paid a lot of money. But is it too much?

Not All Athletes are Rich

For each million-dollar annual salary that you hear about, there are many more players whose yearly income is much closer to yours. Playing baseball, for example, is not by definition a lucrative career. Many players spend years trying to work their way up through the minor leagues, honing their skills and trying to stand out from the crowd. Some of these players seem to be on the brink of moving up into the major league, only to remain in the minors for most of their career. Once you understand the long history of sweat, tears, and heartbreak behind a major leaguer’s success, his large paycheck makes a little more sense.

Athletes Work Hard and Risk their Health

The next time you play a pick-up game of basketball with friends, make note of how your body feels afterwards. Then consider how many games (far more intense than your pick-up game!) a professional player participates in over the course of a season. Add in countless practice games and daily workouts, and you will get some idea of just how physically demanding it is to compete at the professional level. Besides the day-to-day effort, there is always the possibility of suffering an injury that could end an athlete’s career. In professional football, the injury rate is close to 100%. Doesn’t it make sense to reward someone for taking that risk in order to entertain us?

Supply and Demand

Sports stars’ paychecks, like those in most professions, are subject to the laws of economics. A salary is determined by factors like the skills needed for the job; the number of people capable of filling the position; and the public’s demand for the service in question. The demand for athletic performance in the United States is undeniable, with people paying millions of dollars every year for game tickets, merchandise, cable channel subscriptions, and other sports-related products. The relatively small number of quarterbacks playing in the NFL are the best at what they do, and their skills command a high price in the job market. The next time you marvel at a seven-figure contract, remember that you are the one creating the demand!

Right or Wrong?

Some raise moral issues concerning high pay for sports stars. For example, young people who are attracted by the prospect of an easy life as a wealthy basketball player may devote themselves to the sport instead of a more realistic career. By the time they realize just how hard it is to make it to the top, it may be too late for them to pursue another skilled path.

Right or wrong, the salaries for the top sports stars in the U.S. are not likely to come down without a dramatic shift in the way we think about—and, most importantly, pay for—the sports industry.

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